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Our military roganization is divided into two divisions: one Union and one Confederate. Each division is composed of three brigades- the infantry, artillery, mounted and dismounted cavalry brigades. We boast such units as the 71st Pennsylvania (First California Regiment), the 7th Wisconsin (Iron Brigade), the 4th US Battery B Artillery, the 8th Illinois Volunteer Cavalry, the 5th US Battery Battery D Artillery, the 2nd Kentucky Dismounted Cavalry, McGowans Brigade of Sharpshooters 1st CO., the Louisiana Special Battalion, Company B, "Wheat's Tigers" the 8th Louisiana Infantry, the Washington Artillery of New Orleans, and the Sussex Light Dragoons to name a few.


Photos of various Union units

Infantry Brigade
Click on Unit's name or picture for more information
7th Wisconsin, Company F  
4th New Jersey  
2nd Independent Veterans Reserve Co  
71st Pennsylvania, Company B
71st Pennsylvania, Company C  
79th Regiment State of New York Volunteer Militia (Cameron Highlanders)
Cavalry Brigade
7th Michigan Volunteer Cavalry E Company  
Artillery Brigade
5th U.S. Artillery, Battery D 5th US Battery D
3rd U.S. Artillery, Battery F  
4th U.S. Artillery, Battery  


Photos of various Confederate units

Division Staff
Confederate Division Staff  
Infantry Brigade
1st Battalion
8th Alabama, Company I (Emerald Guard) Augusta Greys
8th Louisiana Co. E Franklin Sharpshooters & Co. F Opelousas Guard
10th Virginia Infantry Regiment  
2nd Battalion
1st Louisiana Special Battalion, Company B 1st LA Tiger Rifles
33rd Virginia, Co. C
McGowan’s Brigade, Battalion of Sharpshooters McGowans Brigade
3rd Battalion
4th Kentucky, Co. B, Orphan Brigade  
5th Virginia, Company E (Augusta Greys)
10th Georgia Volunteer Infantry, Company A
17th Virginia Infantry Regiment, Company A (Alexandria Rifles)  
1st Regiment Co. K, C.S.A. Engineers
Cavalry Brigade
Cavalry Brigade Staff
2nd Kentucky (Dismounted Cavalry)
1st NC Cavalry company F (Mounted Cavalry)  
5th Virginia Cavalry (Sussex Light Dragoons) (Mounted Cavalry)  
8th Texas Cavalry, (Terry's Texas Rangers) (Dismounted Cavalry)  
43rd Virginia Cavalry, (Mosby's Rangers) (Dismounted Cavalry)  
24th Virginia Field Hospital
Artillery Brigade
Madison Light Artillery, (Moody's Battery)  
Washington Artillery of New Orleans  
Pegram's Battery  

Every Sunday morning, at our re-enactments, there is a church service. Chaplains call a truce so that all may worship together.