We are family oriented and are dedicated to helping new recruits discover the fun of one of the most interesting and educational hobbies around! We have lots of loaner equipment and rifles to for new recruits to borrow and give each member over a year to get themselves outfitted.  We will gladly assign a ‘veteran’ to assist our new members and they will personally help you to feel like one of the gang. You will find no other unit as friendly, or as helpful to beginners as our own 1st Louisiana Tigers!


Our unit is made up a large group of fun people from a variety of backgrounds! We currently have a lawyer, several varieties of engineers, law enforcement, an interpreter, homemakers, a law student, carpenter, retired military, teachers, and students! Members of the Tigers herald from Escondido, Temecula, Torrance and Harbor City as well as from Colorado and Washington! Most of our members generally live in the Los Angeles and riverside area but wherever you are from we want you to feel like an integral part of our special unit.


In 2006 our unit attended many exciting events! We attended Calico Ghost Town located in Barstow, California, as well as Wooden Nickel in Menifee, several events in Vista, Moorpark, Prado, Acton and even as far away as Fresno and Las Vegas! Of course we understand that everyone can not make every single event, and the great thing is, we don’t expect you too! You can be as active as you want! We generally have about one event a month but whenever you can come you are truly welcome!


One aspect of our unit that sets us apart is our diplomacy. Once a year we hold a unit meeting where we ELECT our officers and NCOs. Everyone’s vote counts and so you have a say in how things are operated within our ranks. We feel this is a great way to let everyone have a chance to shine and for every voice to be heard.


Currently we are re-creating the 1st Louisiana, Special Battalion Company B., the Tiger Rifles. This unit represents an early war (1861-1862) company with a unique style of  uniform developed from the French New Orleans style. Our uniform consists of bright red shirts, red fezzes or straw hats, blue jackets, and bloused trousers made from Hamilton Mattress ticking. This uniform, though flashy, is cool and comfortable during the warm California winters and warmer California summers! We have a complete compliment of tents, stoves, and other equipment that helps to make our camp look and feel historically accurate.


The unit history of the 1st Louisiana Tigers is like reading an adventure novel! Most of our members historically were Irish dock workers recruited in New Orleans. Among the ranks were thieves and cut throats with well deserved horrible reputations. Though the unit was made up of some of the ‘dregs of society’ this unit proved itself to be hard working and frightening to face on the battlefield. Portraying this group of fascinating people makes reenacting all the more fun for those involved!