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How to Join

How to Join

So you are thinking of joining?? GREAT! Here is what we suggest you do! First, come out and TRY IT. Review the schedule of events located at the MAIN MENU of this website and choose an event you would like to attend. Then simply email our unit Commander 2ndLt Paul Killian at: paul@tckillian.com or our 1st Sgt Ken Dacey at KENBUS@aol.com to let us know that you would like to come! We do kindly ask that you also review the RULES and REGULATIONS of both the ACWS and the 1st Louisiana Tigers. Remember that we have loaner equipment for you to borrow but it is always based on a first come first served basis. Your first event you are our GUEST. You will be well fed and we will cover your ammunition costs but we humbly ask that should you attend subsequent events that you help off set the food and ammunition costs.


For most of our events you will need to get a Day Pass/Event Pass. This Pass usually costs about $5.00. Some events we are also asked to pay a minimum registration fee of about $2-3 per person. If you decide to join the ACWS you will need to complete a membership application and mail in the yearly fees.  There are a few other forms that may need to be completed as well. If you are under the age of 18, your parents must complete the Minor Consent to Treatment Form that can be found at:


If you are under the age of 18 we also ask that your parents/legal guardian contact 2nd Lt Paul Killian or 1st Sgt Ken Dacey for a Temporary Guardian Form and the Louisiana Contract. These important documents MUST be completed for ALL MINORS BEFORE they will be allowed to take the field. EVERYONE must sign the Louisiana Contract regardless of age.