Unit History

 It is with humble gratitude that our unit thanks Susan Hikida for her tireless efforts in researching the 1st Louisiana Tigers. Below is her credentials and her fellow researchers credentials. The comments below were taken directly from her website which is the quintessential site for Tiger information.



It is interesting how one can fall into something without intending to do so.

This site is an abridged edition of my research notes about the First Special Battalion of Louisiana Volunteer Infantry. The research started as a result of my association with the Tiger Rifles, a Civil War reenactment group in California, in the late 1980's. I started the notes due to the relative lack of scholarly research about the unit. My first effort was a chronology on printout paper in 1990. Many additions have been made to that original list over the years, and I will continue to add or modify the notes as new information becomes available.

My employer, the University of Southern California, graciously provides a few bytes to its staff for personal websites. However, the amount of memory is limited, hence the primarily textual content and limits on the number of images included on this site. Please note that any opinions and statements expressed herein are entirely those of the creator of these pages and do not reflect those of the university.

I would like to thank the following people for their assistance with this project.

Chris Bryce, National Park Service ranger, for passing along a copy of Leon Fremaux's watercolor sketch of Tiger Rifles' privates. You are responsible for starting a series of event that led to a more accurate idea of the appearance of the original Tigers' uniform.

James Tebbetts, a member of the California Tiger Rifles. He has and continues to pass along many web articles that I somehow missed in my searches. Thanks Jim. Anything I credit to him is marked with the initials JT.

Last, but not the least, Ross Brooks, a historian of military uniforms and author for the Company of Military Historians, who has generously forwarded much of the newspaper and other quotes (used in my printed notes), roster information, the results of his inquiries on equipment and accoutrement, catching factual errors in my text, and for giving me permission to include this information on this site. In addition, I would like to thank Ross for forwarding the results of his hunt for the original Leon Fremaux watercolor sketch as well as his communications with Michael R. Thomas and others regarding the excavations of the Tigers' grave site. I have not included most of the watercolor and Thomas's information pending the publication of Ross' next article so that he can receive the credit he so richly deserves. The material I credit to Ross is marked with the initials RB. Anyone wishing to contact him may do so at RossBrooks@caulfieldgs.vic.edu.au.

Susan Hikida, September 2004