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These dates are subject to change. Calendar current as of 01/30/17

The ACWS as a member of the Pacific Area Civil War Reenactors Association (PACWR) complies with their standardized safety rules and proper insurance. The ACWS liability insurance applies to all sponsored and co-sponsored events.

The event schedule for PACWR members may be found at www.pacwr.org where you will find events outside the Southern California area.

The State Park at Fort Tejon lists events throughout California. This list may be found at www.fttejon.org.

There is a small gate fee collected by the owners of the property who sponsor ACWS events and in some cases public donations are requested in Lieu of the gate fee. The ACWS does not charge a fee for ACWS or PACWR member reenactors.

Military reenacting units are requested to contact the appropriate Brigade Commander and civilian and all impressionists contact the Civilian Corps Director prior to an event you plan to attend.

Additional information about these and other events that may be found in our newsletter and by clicking on “more info” below. The newsletter also lists events that the ACWS does not sponsor but will attend.


January 2017 
Date Event Location  

January 17 - 18

14th Annual IVLHA Live Fire

Seeley, CA


February 2017 
Date Event Location  

February 18 - 2

Calico Ghost Town

Calico, CA

ACWS Sponsored

March 2017 
Date Event Location  

March 18 - 19

Picachio Peak

Pichaco Peak, AZ

Az P&R

April 2017 
Date Event Location  
April 1 - 2


Moorpark, CA

CWA Sponsored

May 2017 
Date Event Location  

May 20 -21
Orange Empire
Railroad Museum

Perris, CA

ACWS Sponsored

June 2016 
Date Event Location  


July 2017 
Date Event Location  

July 8 - 9

Fort MacArthur Days

Fort MacArthur
San Pedro, CA

ACWS Recommended

August 2017 
Date Event Location  

September 2017 
Date Event Location  

Sept 2 - 3

Huntington Beach

Huntington Beach, CA
Huntington Beach Historical Society
ACWS Supported

October 2017 
Date Event Location  

Oct 8 - 9

Dominguez Rancho Living History
Old Woman's Gun (1800's event)

Rancho Dominguez, CA


Oct 20 - 21

New Event - TBD

Las Vegas, NV

ACWS Sponsored

November 2017 
Date Event Location  

Nov 11

Regean Library
Veteran's Day

Simi Valley, CA

ACWS Supported

December 2017 
Date Event Location