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Listed below is the contact information for all ACWS officials.

Title Name Phone Email
President Dean Woods - dean@zionrockguides.com
Vice President - - -
Treasurer Tracey Gorin - cinema_connoisseur@yahoo.com
Secretary Tracey Gorin - cinema_connoisseur@yahoo.com
Membership Joyce Bolin - jbolin57@yahoo.com
Civilian Corps Joyce Bolin - jbolin57@yahoo.com
Public Relations - - -
Newsletter Editor Joyce Bolin - jbolin57@yahoo.com
US Division Commander Col Jason Coffey (702) 354-6875 Jayce921@yahoo.com
CSA Division Commander - - -
Director at Large - - -

Title Name Phone Email
Impressionist Coordinator Kimberly Iverson   Blumnie@aol.com

 Union Division
Title Name Phone Email
Army Headquarters
Union Army Commander Col Jason Coffey (702) 354-6875 Jayce921@yahoo.com
Union Army Deputy CO Maj. Keith DeLuca - civilwarrior@gmail.com
Union Army Aide-de-camp 2nd Lt. Ryan Dompier - Acting
Union Army Adjutant Gen. Cpl. James "C" Forester - Acting
Union Army Assistant IG 1st Lt. Ryan O'Connell - Acting
Union Army JAG 2nd Lt. Daniel Sawyer - Acting
Union Army Commissary Off Sgt. Ronald Mourer   Acting
Union Army Engineering Off. 2nd Lt. Jeffery Blansett - Acting
Union Army Mustering Off. - - -
Union Army Quartermaster Sgt. Aaron Christensen - Acting
Union Army Ordnance 2nd Lt. Jim Hinds - ord@snlha.org
Union Infantry Sgt. Major Sgt MajorBrendan Mahathey - infcmd@71stpenncob.org
Union Infantry Commander Maj. Keith DeLuca - civilwarrior@gmail.com
Union Infantry Adjutant Capt. Dave Bolin   infcmd@71stpenncob.org
Union Artillery Commander Major Gary Wear   g_wear@yahoo.com
Union Cavalry Commander Maj. Rocky Morales   donald.rocky.morales@gmail.com
Union Chaplain Capt. Mark Schoenberger   cousin.jasper@yahoo.com
Union Surgeon Capt. Larry Bilyeu - surgeon@71stpenncob.org
Union Provost 2nd Lt. Ted Pawlowski - provost@71stpenncob.org
Union Army Chief Musician 2nd Lt. Ryan Clayton - Acting
Unit Commanders
1st US Sharpshooters Co G 2nd Lt. Benjamin Kruk - By invitation
2nd IVRC Cpl. David Crichton - By invitation
4th New Jersey 2nd Lt Ken Dacey - By invitation
7th Wisconsin Maj. Keith De Luca - civilwarrior@gmail.com
71st Pennsylvania Co B Lt.Col. Jason Coffey (702) 354-6875 info@71stpenncob.org
71st Pennsylvania Co C Capt. Elliott Codding (562) 400-6091 info@71stpenncob.org
72nd Pennsylvania 2nd Lt. Rocky Morales   donald.rocky.morales@gmail.com
3rd US, Battery F 1st Sgt. Doug Carroll   dactazz@aol.com
4th US Battery B Capt. Bobby Riggs   Dosokies@gte.net
Pennsylvania Light Artillery 2nd Lt. Sean Wells   artillery@snlha.org
7th Michigan, Troop G Maj. Rocky Morales   donald.rocky.morales@gmail.com

 Confederate Legion
Title Name Phone Email
Brigade Staff Officers
CSA Division Commander -   -
Adjutant General -   -
CSA Infantry Brigade Commander -   -
CSA Infantry Brigade
-   -
CSA Infantry Brigade
Sgt. Major
-   -
CSA Artillery Brigade Commander Maj. Michael Collins   mkcollins@gmail.com
CSA Artillery Brigade
-   -
CSA Cavalry Brigade Commander Maj. Scott Peca   m.peca@sbcgolbal.net
CSA Cavalry Brigade
Captain John Ridler   john.ridler@coxnet
CSA Chaplain Rev Schowerwalter   -
CSA Provost Marshal --   --
Company Commanders
1st Regiment Co. K
CSA Engineers
Capt M. Bonnie Buonanducci   mbuonanducci@firstallied.com
8th Alabama Lt. Ken Smith   smith@plazaweb.net
10th Georgia Lt. Gary Larson   difickas@aol.com
2nd Kentucky Lt. David Hunter Inman   sequoia79-civilwar@yahoo.com
4th Kentucky Co. B Cpl. Mark Schoenberger   cousinjasper1@juno.com
1st Louisiana 2nd Lt Paul Killian   paul@tckillian.com
8th Louisiana Capt Tom Atkins   --
8th Louisiana Co. E 1st Sgt. Brian Wiswell   bwiswell@netzero.net
8th Louisiana Co. F 1st Sgt Mike Walters   m.walters1@verizon.net
3rd Texas Robert MacMillan   gryghstmosb@aol.com
4th Texas Co. F Sgt. Benjamin Kruk   info@4thtexascof.org
8th Texas Capt. Dave Kanawah   captdavek@ix.netcom.com
10th Virginia Sgt Gary Busic   Lewis.Gunner@verizon.net
17th Virginia Sgt. Dale Jacobs   rc1@ayso33.org
33rd Virginia Co. C Sgt James Brown   goodoldrebel1862@aol.com
McGowan’s Sharpshooters Capt. Garrett Nobles   rebsgt21@hotmail.com
1st NC Cavalry company F Capt. Dan Hogan   hogan-4@sbcglobal.net
Sussex Lt Dragoons Bob Kuehl   kuehl@adelphia.net
Moody’s Battery Capt. Bob Hayes   --
Peagram’s Battery --   --
Washington Artillery 1st Sgt. Doug Carroll   dactazz@aol.com
Florida Light Artillery 2nd Lt. Sean Wells   artillery@snlha.org